Monday, March 23, 2015

 Welcome to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Ireton, IA



Worship Schedule

Sunday Services 9:00am

Sunday School   Sunday’s 10:15am (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Sr. LYF 2nd & 4th Sunday 10:15am (Falls, Winter, Spring)

Adult Bible Study  Sunday’s 10:30am (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Communion 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday



Lent & Holy Week Schedule

 Lenten Service-March 25, 7:00pm

Lenten Lunch-March 25, 7:30pm

Confirmation Questioning- March 25, 8:00pm

 Palm Sunday/Confirmation-March 29, 9:00am

 Men’s Prayer Breakfast @ St. Paul’s-March 31, 6:00am

Maundy Thursday, April 2, 7:00pm

 Good Friday-April 3, 7:00pm

 Easter Service at Cemetery-April 5, 6:50am

 Easter Sunrise Service- 7:30am

 LYF Breakfast-8:45am-Ireton Community Center








ImportedPhotos00007 Pastor Andrew Carlson

Church Phone: 712-278-2324

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The Fifth Sunday in Lent-March 22, 2015


Divine Service         99                 Sunday School Attendance         14

Lent Service          64



Organist: Jeanna Negaard

Acolytes: Abigail Kaskie & Chase Koopmans

Greeters: *Wayne & Kathy Heuer, Matt & Andrea Hill

Elder of the Month:  Lyle Ten Napel

Altar Guild: Connie Koopmans, Missy Eilts, Kathy Heuer







Offering Last Week Budgeted Needed to Date Giving  
To Date
Mission   220.00    292.50     1980.00      1844.00             -136.00
Home 3110.00         2189.50   24880.00 17660.00





Sunday:                               9:00 a.m. – Divine Service/Baptism                                       

                                          10:15 a.m. – Sunday School/LYF

                                          10:30 a.m. -  Adult Bible Study

Wednesday:                       5:45 p.m. – Confirmation Classes

                                           7:00 p.m.- Lent Service

                                          7:30 p.m. - Lenten Lunch

                                          8:00 p.m. – Confirmation Questioning

Next Sunday:                     9:00 a.m. – Palm Sunday/Confirmation/Communion


In Our Prayers: 

From our congregation:  Jeff Eilts (more tests for colon cancer), Rod Kuecker (fungus), Jacob Hoogland, Lloyd Eilts (cancer), Jack Ping, Judy Childress (hip surgery)

Other requests:  Jesse Sonichsen, Sandy Gregg (brain tumor),  Shirley Cain (tumor on brain),  Curtis DeVries (cancer),  Janet Brown (cancer), Stephanie Watson (brain tumor surgery), Mary Beth Hendricks

Servicemen: 1SG. Mike Shannon, TSgt. Jesse Richardson, HM3 Rodrigo Banda, SSgt Adam Cartright, RPI Celeste Wiltz, CPL Aaron Hoogland, RPI Celeste Wiltz

Missionaries: Shaun Daugherty: Missionaries in China, Rev. Henry Witte: Missionary to Hispanics, Sean Malone and other missionaries serving in Iraq



BAPTISM: We welcome Leo James Anderson into God’s family today through Holy Baptism. Leo is the son of Nathan Anderson and Izzy Eilts.

HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY!:We are being treated to cake this morning in honor of Lorraine Wells 90th birthday! She will turn 90 next Sunday, March 29th.

LYF MEETING: The LYF will meet today to review Easter Breakfast details.

EASTER LILY FORMS: Today is the last day to order Easter lilies. The cost is $15.00 each and you can return forms and payment to Gloria Ping.

SUNDAY SCHOOL SKATING PARTY: The Sunday School children will be going roller skating in Sheldon today from 1-3pm. For more details, talk to LeaAnn Bonnema.

LENT SERVICE: Our Lenten journey will continue this Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00pm. The LWL sandwich supper will follow in the fellowship hall.

HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY: Leona Koopmans will turn 90 this Thursday, March 26th. Her family will be providing cake next Sunday in Leona’s honor and for the confirmation class.

PALM SUNDAY/CONFIRMATION: Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and Confirmation. Those getting confirmed this year are Laney Bonnema, Russell Coons, Abigail Kaskie, Chase Koopmans, Conner Koopmans, Cali Liston, Sydney Reinking, Trevor Schuller and Kory Van Oort. Confirmation questioning will be this Wednesday following the Lenten Service and Lunch.

SUNDAY SCHOOL SINGING: All Sunday School children will be singing next Sunday for Palm Sunday and also on Easter Sunday.

EASTER BREAKFAST SIGN-UP SHEET IS FULL!  A copy will be left out in the Narthex for reference. All donations can be dropped anytime in the church basement fridge or the room west of the kitchen.  Huge THANKS to EVERYONE for their donations!  Questions – Contact Ashley Steckelberg at 712-551-7604 or Dani Gradert 7125-540-3227.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: The April newsletter deadline is this Wednesday, March 25th.

MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST: The Men’s Prayer Breakfast will be at St. Paul’s Tuesday, March 31st at 6:00am.

VBS FUNDRAISER & NEEDED ITEMS:  We will be having the Ireton VBS Fundraiser Supper on Wednesday, April 8th from 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. at the Ireton Community Center.  Sioux County Pork Producers will be grilling pork loin and we will also be serving cheesy potatoes, macaroni salad, oreo salad, drink and ice cream.  This is a free will donation event with bake sale items also available. Bake sale items may be dropped off at the Community Center April 7th from 3:30-7:00 or April 8th starting at 1:00pm.  If you are willing to donate your time for set up / clean up, please let LeaAnnn know.

They are also in need of coffee cans and clean/dry gallon milk jugs. A box is set up in the Narthex for these items. Ireton VBS will be held August 3 – 6 (6:00 – 8:30 p.m.) at the First Reformed Church.

SHOP ONLINE?: When you shop on a half of a percent of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice. You can select St. Paul’s Ireton as the charity of choice.

LOOKING AHEAD: Lenten Service-March 25, 7:00pm, Lenten Lunch, 7:30pm, Confirmation Questioning: March 25, 8:00pm, Palm Sunday/Confirmation-March 29, 9:00am, Men’s Prayer Breakfast @ St. Paul’s-March 31, 6:00am, Maundy Thursday, April 2, 7:00pm, Good Friday-April 3, 7:00pm, Easter Service at Cemetery-April 5, 6:50am, Easter Sunrise Service, 7:30am, LYF Breakfast, 8:45am.


I, a Poor, Miserable, Sinner…

During lent there is a deliberate reflection on our sinfulness and need for Jesus. The problem is that we naturally see ourselves as basically good people. After all, we don’t steal, cheat, lie, etc. Comparing ourselves to someone really bad, we can almost see ourselves as saints.

So how do we get to the point that we see ourselves as not just sinners, but poor, miserable, sinners? Instead of casting ourselves in the best light, we look long into the “mirror” of God’s law. Here we see how in thought, word, and deed, we have broken each and every commandment. Then, instead of comparing ourselves with someone worse than us, we compare ourselves with Jesus himself. Huh, oh! I am a poor, miserable, sinner!

God’s law is a teacher that ultimately leads us to the cross. When we see ourselves as sinners, we ask for forgiveness and we find this forgiveness at the cross, where Jesus took our sins upon himself. In baptism we experience the working of the Holy Spirit in the water and word washing away our sins. In confession we hear the pastor speak God’s word of pardon and peace. In the mystery of the Lord’s Supper, we “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8).

To a hungry person food tastes so much better. A person who sees himself/herself as a poor, miserable, sinner cherishes the forgiveness that God so freely gives in word and sacrament.

May we all have a hunger and thirst for God’s word and gifts.

Pastor Andrew Carlson





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