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 Welcome to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Ireton, IA

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Worship Schedule

Sunday Services 8:45am

Sunday School   Sunday’s 10:00am (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Sr. LYF 2nd Sunday 10:00am (Falls, Winter, Spring)

Communion 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday






 Pastor Todd Bunge

Church Phone: (St. Paul’s) 712-278-2324 or (Trinity) 551-2743

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25th Sunday after Pentecost-November 15, 2015


Divine Service        132                              Sunday School          36        




November 15-Jean Bertram, November 22-Jeanna Negaard, November 29-Jean Bertram 



November 15-Grace Schuller & Zach Steckelberg,

November 22-Levi Koopmans & Brenna Reinking

November 29-Mitchell Gradert & Maci Fuller



November 15 -*James & Abby Stainbrook, Ron & Connie Koopmans

November 22- *Gary & Denice Ping, Mark & Gretchen Rens, Arven & Patti Koopmans

November 29-Randy & Cindy Koopmans, Wayne & Gretchen Schuller, Robert & Cheryl

Ten Napel     

Elder of the Month: November-Scott Van Den Berg, December-Randy/Arven Koopmans

Altar Guild:

November-Gloria Ping, Marilyn Rostermundt, Denice Ping

December-Connie Koopmans, Missy Eilts, Kathy Heuer



Sunday:                              8:45 a.m. – Divine Service/Communion/Adult Confirmation

                                          10:00 a.m – Sunday School

Tuesday:                          7:00 p.m. – Women’s League

                                         7 :00 p.m. – Relationship DVD at Trinity

Wednesday:                     5:30 p.m. – Confirmation Meeting at Pizza Ranch                   

Thursday:                         7:00 p.m. – Council Meeting

Fri.-Sun.                                               Sr. Youth Gathering

Saturday:                          6:00 p.m. – Trinity Service

Next Sunday:                    8:45 a.m. – Divine Service

                                        10:00 a.m. – Sunday School


In Our Prayers: 

From our congregation: Jacob Hoogland, Phyllis Winterfeld (shoulder surgery), Judy Childress (new knee), Lois Torwelle (Hospital in Sioux Falls), New Pastor for St. Paul’s

Other requests:  Jesse (Sonichsen) West, Sandy Gregg (brain tumor),  Shirley Cain (brain tumor),  Curtis DeVries (cancer),  Janet Brown (cancer),  Bub Van Wyhe (had a fall), Family of Bill Van Wyhe

Servicemen: 1SG. Mike Shannon, TSgt. Jesse Richardson, HM3 Rodrigo Banda, CPL Aaron Hoogland

Missionaries: Shaun Daugherty: Missionaries in China, Rev. Henry Witte: Missionary to Hispanics



Dear member of St. Paul’s,

I want your marriage, or potentially future marriage, to be the best it can be. Recently I was introduced to a tool that can help. It’s a series of DVDs called, “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.”

I cannot stress enough how entertaining and informative and helpful simply watching these DVDs can be for any relationship. That’s why I am sending out this letter… to invite everyone in your congregation to watch them together at Trinity. I believe this information is helpful for all relationships, therefore, singles are encouraged to come, too (and bring along your special someone, if applicable.)

This is a fun and easy way to spend time together strengthening your relationship, or if you are single, strengthening your future relationship.

Viewing these DVDs in sequential order is imperative to get the full benefit. Here are the topics to be covered:

Session 1 (1 hour, 15 minutes): A Tale of Two Brains Part I  (describing how men and women think differently)- November 10

Session 2 (1 hour): A Tale of Two Brains Part II-November 17

Session 3 and 4 (1 hour 15 minutes): The Key to Incredible Sex-November 24 

Session 4 and 5 (1 hour 20 minutes): How to Say Married and Not Kill Anybody and The Flag Page-December 1

I cannot emphasize enough how informative, fun, and helpful this series is. The Sioux City churches in our district considered hosting a live, weekend seminar with the presenter, but the cost was in the tens of thousands of dollars. So to participate via DVD is a great bargain indeed! Again, I cannot encourage you enough to attend.

If you would like to watch these at home, contact Pastor Bunge.


Pastor Bunge



We have both Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears fans in our family. And since we’ve got free lodging in Kansas City with Tam’s sister and family, and since Chicago plays in Kansas City only once about every 12 years, we took advantage of their Oct. 11 matchup in Kansas City and watched our first NFL game together as a family. The game was exciting. Chicago won by scoring a touchdown with just 18 seconds remaining.

The cost of our upper deck tickets, refreshments at the game, and souvenirs was expensive, as expected. That’s why it will probably be our first and last NFL game together as a family.

The interesting thing about being at the game, or any sporting event for that matter, is how unashamed and passionate sports fans can be. They think nothing of fighting traffic and driving for miles to get to the stadium, tailgate for hours beforehand, sit in the stands for even more hours, proudly wear their expensive team apparel, and are willing to stand up in public and shout aloud in support of their team, even when in the middle of hostile fans who are rooting for the opposing team.

Aside from the rude and insensitive behavior of some fans, and aside from some of the language used by some fans, I wonder what life would be like if Christians were as fired up about Jesus as they were about their favorite teams?

Imagine if Christians were so dedicated to God that they would be willing to fight through all sorts of traffic just to get to church. Imagine if they gave their offerings as willingly to God as they do to support their favorite team. Imagine if Christians were not afraid to stand up and publicly show their support for Jesus, even when surrounded by people who are against Him. How would changes like these impact our world? How would they impact your life?

Jesus gave Himself totally and completely for us. What do you give Him in return? Is it even close to what He deserves? He still gives you forgiveness of all your sins in worship. I hope you’ll always be determined and proud enough to come and receive it. Remember, the victory Jesus wins for you is eternal.

                                                          Pastor Todd Bunge





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