Friday, February 12, 2016

 Welcome to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Ireton, IA

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Worship Schedule

Sunday Services 9:00am

Sunday School   Sunday’s 10:15am (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Sr. LYF 2nd Sunday 10:15am (Falls, Winter, Spring)

Communion 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday






 Pastor Michael Boothby

Church Phone: 712-278-2324

Pastor’s email:

St. Paul’s email:

St. Paul’s website:



First Sunday in Lent-February 14, 2016


Divine Service       131                            Sunday School         21




Jean Bertram


Seth Salker & Gracie Rens


*Terry & Linda Van Wyhe, Mike & Rhonda Hill, Randall & La Rae Toel

Elder of the Month:

Kevin Schlumbohm

Altar Guild:

Connie Koopmans, Kathy Heuer, Missy Eilts



Sunday:                              9:00 a.m. – Divine Service/Baptism                                       

                                          10:15 a.m. – Sunday School/LYF

                                           11:30.m. – Potluck to Welcome the Boothby’s

Wednesday:                     5:45 p.m. – Confirmation Classes

                                          7:00 p.m. - Lenten Service/LWL Lunch                         

Next Sunday:                    9:00 a.m. – Divine Service w/Communion

                                                   10:15 a.m. – Sunday School 


In Our Prayers: 

From our congregation: Jacob Hoogland, Phyllis Winterfeld

Other requests:  Jesse (Sonichsen) West, Shirley Cain (brain tumor)

Servicemen: 1SG. Mike Shannon, TSgt. Jesse Richardson, HM3 Rodrigo Banda, CPL Aaron Hoogland

Missionaries: Shaun Daugherty: Missionaries in China, Rev. Henry Witte: Missionary to Hispanics


BAPTISM TODAY: We welcome Estelle Leone Johnson into God’s family today through Holy Baptism. Estelle’s parents are Bjorn & Britney (Bonnema) Johnson. Grandparents are Duane & LeaAnn Bonnema and great-grandma is Leona Koopmans. Sponsors are Adam Mullen, Laney Bonnema, Jorgen Johnson and Amanda Johnson.

SUNDAY WORSHIP TIME: A reminder that worship time is back to 9:00 am. Sunday School and LYF will be at 10:15am.

NAME TAGS: Name tags are available in the Narthex for everyone to sign and wear so Pastor Boothby and Rachel can learn our names. Please wear them to all services.

WELCOME POTLUCK: There is a welcome to St. Paul’s potluck for the Boothby’s today at 11:30am in the fellowship hall. Bring your favorite potluck dish. Tableware and drinks will be provided. Contact Cheryl Ten Napel with questions.

LENTEN SERVICES: Our Lenten journey will continue this Wednesday with our Lenten service at 7:00pm. The LWL sandwich lunch will follow. Freewill offerings from the lunch will go into the new sound system fund.

LENTEN LUNCH SIGNUP: The LWL Ladies would like extra sandwich makers for the Lenten Services. A signup sheet is in the Narthex. They would like to have 4 for each service.

LUTHERAN WITNESS SIGNUP: Please check out the Lutheran Witness signup sheets in the Narthex. If you are receiving the Witness and want to continue, you don’t need to do anything. If you want to discontinue receiving it, cross your name off the list. If you would like to receive it, sign your name on the additions sheet. 2015 excess mission giving’s will cover the expense. Deadline is Sunday, February 28th.

VBS LEADER NEEDED: A Vacation Bible School leader is needed for this summer. Contact Austin Koopmans with questions or if you are willing.

THANK YOU: Thanks for the "appreciation gift card" from the congregation. ~ Pastor Bunge

EASTER LILIES: Easter lily forms can be found in the Narthex. The cost is $15.00 per lily. Please fill out a form and give to Gloria Ping along with the payment. Deadline to order is Sunday, March 13th.

DAFFODILS ORDERS: Daffodils are the first flower of spring and the bright symbol of hope. To the American Cancer Society, the daffodil symbolizes the hope we all share for a cure where cancer no longer threatens those we love. Daffodil Days has empowered people to make a difference in the fight against cancer by raising funds and awareness to help beat the disease. Cancer has touched us all in some way. Order your daffodils today for $10 a bunch. Contact Susan Ten Napel (Doug) to order at 278-2520. They will be delivered mid-March. Thank you for your support to the American Cancer Society. Deadline to order is March 1st.

VBS FUNDRAISER: The Ireton Community VBS Fundraiser Supper and Bake Sale will be held Wednesday, April 6, at the Ireton Community Center from 5:00 to 7:30pm. Come join us for a pork loin sandwich, cheesy potatoes, salad and ice cream! We will also be needing baked goods. Bake goods need to be to the Community Center by 3pm on April 6, 2016. We will be the host this year and it will run July 18-21.


Well St. Paul’s, another vacancy is coming to an end… and we are all probably praying that this will be the last one for a looong, looong time!

It is, however, always a joy to serve you. Your congregation has good spiritual health and a wealth of volunteers that always pull together and make sure things get done.

With that being said… (Uh-oh, now what?) …with that being said, I am compelled to remind you that Pastor Michael Boothby is NOT Pastor Paul Sieveking… …Pastor Michael Boothby is NOT Pastor Warren Prochnow, Pastor Michael Boothby is NOT Pastor Marcel Kohlmeyer, and Pastor Michael Boothby is NOT Pastor Andy Carlson.

I know that you already know this, but it is important to remind you that Pastor Michael Boothby is his own man, and will shepherd you with his own God-given style. Try to remember this without doing the inevitable mental comparisons of, “Well, our old pastor used to do this…” Who cares what any of those former men did? All of them have moved on and are long gone. And as long as whatever your pastor does is faithful to the Word of God, that’s all that really matters.

Also, please remember the Boothby family is a young family, so don’t expect Pastor Boothby to always be out and about in the community all the time. His first responsibility in life is actually not to St. Paul’s, but to his wife and kids. And don’t expect Rachel Boothby to be “Mrs. St. Paul’s.” A congregation calls a pastor, NOT a pastor’s wife and kids. So it is unfair to expect her to automatically be involved in everything.

That’s all the reminding I’ll do. We’ll still see each other as Pastor Boothby and I have already talked about covering for each other during vacations and such. Blessings on your continued mission of furthering the Gospel through St. Paul’s and to the world! It has been a pleasure to serve you these past 6 ½ months.

In His service,

                                      Pastor Todd Bunge





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