Friday, March 28, 2014

 Welcome to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Ireton, IA



Worship Schedule

Sunday Services 9:00am

Midweek Services 6:00pm (Summer)

Sunday School/LYF/Confirmation Classes  Sunday’s 10:15am (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Adult Bible Study Thursday’s 7:00pm (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Communion 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday



ImportedPhotos00007 Pastor Andrew Carlson

Church Phone: 712-278-2324

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 Easter Sunday-April 20, 2014


Palm Sunday Service                              277                                 

Maundy Thursday Attendance                98                                  

Organist: Jeanna Negaard

Acolytes: Jacob Coons, Grace Schuller, Chase Koopmans (Crucifer)

Greeters: LYF

Elder of the Month:  Jim Koopmans

Altar Guild: Gloria Ping, Marilyn Rostermundt, Denice Ping







Offering Last Week Budgeted Needed to Date Giving  
To Date
Mission   220.00   247.50      4621.00       6021.55            +1400.55
Home 3013.00         5495.75    45195.00   39919.75            -5275.25





Sunday:                              6:30 a.m. – Prayer Service at Ireton Cemetery

                                          7:30 a.m. –  Easter Sunrise Service

                                          8:45 a.m. – LYF Easter Breakfast

Wednesday:                      5:00 p.m. – VBS Fundraiser and Bake Sale                         

Thursday:                          6:00 p.m. – Council Meeting

                                         7:00 p.m. – Adult Bible Study

Next Sunday:                     9:00 a.m. – Divine Service

                                       10:15 a.m. – Sunday School & Confirmation Classes

                                       10:30 a.m – Voter’s Meetint


In Our Prayers: 

From our congregation:  Eloise Heuer (cancer treatments),  Joann Winterfeld (back issues),  Phyllis Winterfeld,     Jeff Eilts (tumor in his colon)

Other requests: Macy Van Der Brink (cancer),  Jesse Sonichsen, Sandy Gregg (brain tumor), Eleanore Vogler (cancer), John Jacobs (recovery from a brain injury due to a fall), Shirley Cain (tumor on brain), Curtis DeVries (cancer), Claire Opdahl (blood disease), Jeremy Hilt (cancer-cousin of Tia Ten Napel)

Servicemen: MSG. Mike Shannon, TSgt. Jesse Richardson, HMSA Rodrigo Banda, SSgt Adam Cartright, RPI Celeste Wiltz, CPL Aaron Hoogland,

Missionaries: Shaun Daugherty: Missionaries in China, Rev. Steve Benson: Sioux City Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Henry Witte: Missionary to Hispanics



LYF BREAKFAST: The LYF Easter Breakfast will follow the Easter service at the Community Center this morning. The meal will be Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham, Pancakes, Rolls, Fruit and Drinks. The meal is free will donation.

SPECIAL MUSIC: Thank you to Brady & Kevin Schlumbohm and the choir for singing this morning. Also thank you to Renae Brown for singing Maundy Thursday, Bud Vreeman on Good Friday and Danna Schipper for the piano piece last Sunday.

EASTER FLOWER DONATIONS: Thanks you to everyone that donated Easter lilies in memory, honor and thanksgiving for loved ones.

VBS FUNDRAISER & BAKE SALE: The Vacation Bible School Fundraiser Supper will be this Wednesday, April 23rd at the Community Center from 5-7:30pm. Billy Bob’s will cater a free will donation meal of pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, macaroni salad, Oreo salad, drink & ice cream. If you are interested in donating to the bake sale please have your items at the community center by 3:00 on the 23rd.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY: Adult Bible Study will resume this Thursday, April 24th at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. We will continue our study of Acts.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: The May newsletter deadline is this Wednesday, April 24th.

QUARTERLY VOTER’S MEETING: Our Quarterly Voter’s Meeting will be next Sunday, April 27th following coffee time.

SR. LYF BIBLE STUDY: The Sr. LYF will meet Wednesday, April 30th at 6:45pm for supper with Bible Study to follow.

GIDEONS: Please talk to Pastor Carlson if you are interested in serving as a Gideon.

ELEVATOR DONATIONS: Elevator/Addition donations are still being accepted. You may drop off your donations in the drop off box in the narthex, leave in the offering plate, bring to the bank or to the church office. Thank you for all of the donations given so far!

SIOUXLAND HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: SHH is seeking partner families who are in need of adequate shelter in the area. Application forms need to be returned by May 1, 2014 to Justice For All. Contact Kurt Franje, 712-476-2804 or with questions. Kurt will be at St. Paul’s on May 11th to explain more and answer questions.


Good Friday

Friday, April 18 7:00pm

Easter Morning

Sunday, April 20, 2014

6:30am Prayer Service at Pleasant Hill Cemetery

7:30am Easter Sunrise Service

8:45am LYF Easter Breakfast




Jerusalem, Samaria, and All the Earth

We just began a Bible study on the Book of Acts. It picks up where the gospels leave off. It tells of the church’s witness: first in Jerusalem, then in the surrounding areas (Samaria), and then to all the earth. The church grows rapidly and spreads throughout the world. Today we see the church growing rapidly in some parts of the world and yet in other parts it is stagnant or declining (Europe and North America). The question is why did the church grow back then? What did they do differently?

You do see in the Book of Acts that worship was at the center of all they did. There was the “fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer”. The Lord’s Supper was celebrated every time they worshiped. All ministry was a continuation of the worship service as they would tell others what they had seen and heard. As the early Christians received gifts from God in word and sacrament they would give back to God and to others in need.

The early church also took seriously helping widows, orphans, and others in need. This happened to be a great tool for witnessing. Others would want to know why the Christians were so generous and they would be able to tell them about God’s gift – Jesus Christ.

We also see a unity of doctrine and purpose that is often lacking in today’s church. They kept their focus on Jesus and what he had done and was doing for them. Their witness was simple – it was about Jesus! The Holy Spirit works through God’s Word and Sacraments to transform and change both back then and today. We allow the Holy Spirit to transform us as we worship regularly and receive the Lord’s Supper often. We are modern witnesses to Ireton, Sioux County, and all the earth.

                                                                                                                  Pastor Andrew Carlson

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